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October 2021


Ahead of the fashion trend

This shop in Aix-en-Provence has been in business since 1966, making an impact with its choice
of sharp fashion brands. You can’t pass its colourful window displays without stopping to look.

A canny mix
Originally, Gago only sold apparel. Now it also offers bags, jewellery and footwear. Fashions change, consumer habits too, but Madame Gago, her daughter and Pierre the buyer just choose what they love most. «What has made Gago’s reputation is the timelessness of the selections,» says Paul, «Even if they’re avant-garde, people wear them for years». One strong feature is the choice of young designers and niche brands like Simone Rocha and The Raw along with well-known and iconic brands the shop has been stocking for decades, such as Céline, Balenciaga, Jill Sanders and Marc Jacobs.

Two shops, two moods, one spirit
The original shop at 20, Rue Fabrot has been displaying its sharp selections of famous and emerging designers since 1966. The front room is now devoted to jewellery, leather goods and eyewear; walk on through and you find ready-to-wear in an intimate, selective atmosphere. The other shop, at N° 24, sells a more streetwear style with brands like K-Way and Comme des Garçons, and Serge Thoraval’s poetic jewellery. The Gago style is unclassifiable. Colours, prints and lovely fabrics in a combination of elegance and fun.

By Clotilde Roux


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