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February 2023

To each their own jewel

Graphic jewellery for some jewellers, expertise in diamond or mixing coloured gems for others: so much savoir-faire that elegant women eager to wear original jewellery stand to gain by!



The Serpent Bohême Solarité collection plays the oversized card with daring pieces such as XXL hoop earrings, asymmetrical earrings, and spectacular necklaces with 360-degree motifs. A sophisticated line with a bold oversize look!

Chez Raynal, Aix-en-Provence



Twisted jewellery

The brand unveils the Torsade collection, including this elegant necklace inspired by the movement of the frieze adorning the famous Vendôme Column. A creation in white gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds, which has its roots in the necklace commissioned by the Maharaja of Indore in 1911.

Chez Raynal, Aix-en-Provence


Diamonds in the spotlight

The Italian jeweller highlights its Nudo Solitaire collection with a bracelet available in rose gold embellished with brown diamonds or white gold set with white diamonds. An open bangle with sparkling diamond motifs at both ends. A jewel you can accessorise as much as you like with other pieces from the collection.

Chez Frojo, Marseille




The brand offers a range of eye-catching jewellery With the Sunlight Radiant Infinity collection. Explosive lines and a central motif radiating like a sun. Asymmetrical jewels, bursting with light!

Chez Doux Joaillier, Avignon

By Bruno Lambert


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