We feature artists, Michelin-starred chefs, designers, racing drivers, fashion designers and even beekeepers. All of them all movers and shakers in their field of endeavour, be it the luxury world or the region's cultural, economic or social spheres. Read their unfiltered accounts of their lives, careers, dreams, ambitions and projects.

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  • La Ciotat, the new French watchmaking hub
February 2022 - Profiles


  • Reborn at 76
  • This imposing and virtually indestructible structure was built by the Nazis in 1943 to house about 30 U-Boats. Today it is MRS3, an Interxion data centre that handles cloud computing for the world’s biggest corporations.
  • Mobilising business for the common good
February 2022 - Profiles

Chloé Zaied

  • A little bit of green in the blue of the sea
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