We feature artists, Michelin-starred chefs, designers, racing drivers, fashion designers and even beekeepers. All of them all movers and shakers in their field of endeavour, be it the luxury world or the region's cultural, economic or social spheres. Read their unfiltered accounts of their lives, careers, dreams, ambitions and projects.

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  • Family heritage Award
  • Mother to daughter
  • Knowledge transfer Award
  • When transmission is synonymous with tradition
  • Hero of the seas
  • He grew up in Finisterre – land’s end, where earth and ocean meet – and got his sea legs early, with a child-sized Optimist sailing dinghy. Since then he has scarcely set foot on land. Now 44, he’s lately been testing a new boat in the Mediterranean. It’s a giant trimaran, the Formula 1 of the seas, built to race and win.
  • Knight in shining armour
  • Turning Château de la Barben into one of the main tourist attractions in Provence is like saving a maiden in distress. It takes a gallant knight to undertake a task like that!
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