We feature artists, Michelin-starred chefs, designers, racing drivers, fashion designers and even beekeepers. All of them all movers and shakers in their field of endeavour, be it the luxury world or the region's cultural, economic or social spheres. Read their unfiltered accounts of their lives, careers, dreams, ambitions and projects.

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February 2022 - Profiles

Fask Academy

  • The fashion trades
  • Fask Academy, the garment making school founded by Jocelyn Meire and the fashion trades collective Mode Fask, has just welcomed its first cohort of students.
  • The chef and the miller
  • We liked the idea of bringing together three-star chef Glenn Viel and farmer-cum-miller-cum-baker Henri de Pazzis for a freewheeling conversation about their shared love of the land. Two philosophers with a common cause.
February 2022 - Profiles

Jacques Bianchi

  • Watchmaker to his fingertips
February 2022 - Profiles

Stéphane Wimez

  • Master of retrofitting
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