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December 2014

Paul Baldassari

  • Youth takes the wheel

Distributor Autodif (director Hans Baldassari) has branches from Toulon to Marseille and as far as Avignon, where it has been selling Porsche, Hyundai, Skoda, Mitsubishi and Mazda for several decades. Now Hans Baldassari's 23-year-old son Paul has joined the group. "My father took me on to sell Hyundai motors in Toulon three years ago. It's true that the commercial side interested me more than the cars, which I didn't have a particular penchant for. I had, and still have, a passion for horse riding; I've been achieving high levels at that for 17 years. But my sales results were good and that led my father to offer me managership of three Hyundai-only concessions* in June 2012. Meanwhile my brother Hugo has taken over the Skoda concession that opened in Marseille Plombières a year ago. We're lucky in our family because we all get on together, perfectly, which is quite rare." Paul tells us that the two Hyundai concessions in Marseille lead the field in France in terms of sales volume.

*Toulon La Garde, Marseille La Valentine, Marseille L'Estaque.


By Louis Badie