Ils sont artiste, cheffe étoilée, designer ou apiculteur, pilote automobile ou créatrice de mode. Leur point commun ? Ces personnalités glamour ou au cœur de la vie culturelle, économique et sociale régionale sont les moteurs de l’actualité azuréenne. Découvrez sans filtre le témoignage de leur parcours, leurs rêves, leurs ambitions et leurs projets à venir.

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Laura Jonneskindt

Because we eat first with our eyes

by Eve Chatelet
Prix Art et entreprise / Art and Business Award

She kept her Flemish-sounding surname from her childhood in Northern France and has made Arles her home for the last 15 years. “I love the place, and I’m not about to leave!” declares Laura Jonneskindt. This creative, spontaneous photographer came to culinary photography through various encounters. She explains: “I started taking photographs around 20 years ago. I tried several different techniques – macro, industrial style, and art photography – until a friend invited me to join her in setting up her agency. That’s when I took my first food photos and fell head over heels in love with the work. I’ve stayed with food ever since.” After producing several anti-waste features for Marmiton magazine, the photographer is bringing out an entire book of photos and recipes this year created for Nougaterie des Fumades in the Gard region of France.  

In-house and company recipes 

“When you look at a culinary photo, you don’t realise how much goes on behind the scenes. There’s a lot of set design, but it’s also about creating recipes,” enthuses this busy working mum. A good handywoman, she created her backgrounds: “I love bargain-hunting, painting and sanding down my table tops to give them a story. I’ve also got into ceramics.” Laura also goes out on location to meet producers for whom she creates an on-site photo reportage. “It’s all about people and local produce, and I identify with these values. There’s something profound in wanting to do things well and respecting others and the living world. I’m keenly aware of new, healthier forms of consumption and, unsurprisingly, I got loads of enquiries from environmentally responsible companies. Having a creative and meaningful job is a real joy for me.” 


Studio Cerise

Laura Jonneskindt puts her experience and professional studio to good use in helping companies build their brand image - product promotion, field portraits, creating content for networks and stop motion. Her clients include Morice Desserts in Marseille, a producer of vegetarian desserts made with Camargue rice milk, and La Nougaterie des Fumades, for whom she has created 50 recipes in the studio using sweet and savoury ingredient combinations. 

Localisation : Arles

Création : 2008 (photographie) 

et 2014 (photographie culinaire)

Activité : Création artistique, stylisme 

et photographie

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