Ils sont artiste, cheffe étoilée, designer ou apiculteur, pilote automobile ou créatrice de mode. Leur point commun ? Ces personnalités glamour ou au cœur de la vie culturelle, économique et sociale régionale sont les moteurs de l’actualité azuréenne. Découvrez sans filtre le témoignage de leur parcours, leurs rêves, leurs ambitions et leurs projets à venir.

February 2023

Marie-Hélène et Marc Féraud  

Showcasing great art

@ Christophe Billet

These avid contemporary art lovers occupy a special place in the Marseille culture scene. In 2003 they were founding members of the entrepreneurs’ association Mécènes du Sud, then M-ARCO in 2009, one of the first French endowment funds. In 2011 these passionate collectors also created Le Box in the former abattoirs of Saumaty near L’Estaque. It was a bold venture! New, off-beat and inspiring, the space and its dazzling picture rails set the scene for an industrial style of architecture that clashes with the landscape of classic local institutions. For more than ten years, it has hosted major guest artists with the scope of supporting French and international creation. “Discovery, which is inseparable from aesthetic shock, is our driving force. Independence is our strength. This involves travelling, visiting museums and studios, and regularly attending national and international art fairs. We’re constantly on the lookout, with a single objective: to be rigorous, discerning and loyal to artists.” Alan Charlton, Gérard Traquandi, François Morellet, Michael Riedel, Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Helmut Federle, Valérie Snobeck and Anne-Laure Sacriste have all created site-specific works for Box exhibitions. Abstract, conceptual, minimalist or flamboyant, but always surprising, the collection has really hit its stride. “By exhibiting these contemporary, eclectic works linked to a given place and time here in Marseille, we hope to share the emotions and questions art can elicit.” The white cube continues to attract attention!


Fonds M-Arco Le Box : Anse de Saumaty, 765 chemin du littoral, 13016 Marseille

Tél. 04 91 96 90 02. Entrée gratuite, visites sur réservation.

A découvrir actuellement « 22, une exposition d’œuvres de la Collection du Fonds M-Arco »


By Caroline Guiol


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