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February 2023

Camille Moirenc

Photographer of Provence and… water

Matisse Moirenc
Matisse Moirenc

Aix-based photographer Camille Moirenc is clearly in love with his native Provence, and has spent decades travelling across the region. Gifted with unparalleled powers of observation, he eagerly documents new discoveries, light effects, geometries and encounters, perceiving the beauty of landscapes and their inhabitants through his lens. His pictures bear witness to the passage of time, the lives of humans and their constantly changing environment. In the extraordinary exhibition 438, notre littoral, held in the summer of 2018, Moirenc depicted the region’s 438-kilometre coastline along a 438-metre section of the J4 Esplanade in Marseille. The show proves that he made the right decision when he chose to become a photographer at the age of 15.

Camille Moirenc’s other passion is water: his insatiable eye focuses not only on the Mediterranean and its beaches, lakes and tributaries, but also on its noble river, the Rhône. He has photographed the entire course of the river, from its source in Switzerland to the Mediterranean, in an effort to show its importance and the dangers that threaten it. The resulting 80 prints were exhibited along the railings of the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris for four months in 2021.

In 2011 Moirenc opened his Gallery in Aix, allowing him to extend the reach of his artistic work. There, he presents shots of his favourite subjects, rendered in a highly graphic style with personal impressions. He has also created a rich picture library of more than 130,000 photos, with around twenty large format prints of Sainte-Victoire, which no doubt will form the basis of a larger project on this iconic mountain range and its issues (such as overcrowding).

Par Maurice Gouiran


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