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December 2022

Elisabeth Martin

En quête d’innovation


Elisabeth Martin and her partner, a professional wholesale meat trader, founded a company that specialises in meat distribution, La Cheville provençale. They select meats from regional French farms and cooperatives that meet very strict criteria of quality and eco-responsibility, and sell them to the catering industry. The company focuses on the regions of Provence and Alpes, offering meats such as lamb born and reared in Provence, pork and beef from the Alpes region, and AOP certified ox from the Camargue. Beyond these regions, they also source products from Limousin and Charolais. Martin is not a meat specialist, but she loves to build and invent things. Getting involved in the meat trade compelled her to come up with a new idea. So she created the “Viande des prés” site, a web platform for selling batches of meat online to individuals. By creating the site, she has become an expert in managing the brand’s visibility across social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, thanks to regular (and delicious-looking!) marketing updates. Another of her ideas is to persuade restaurateurs who cook their meats to agree to a quality charter, for which they receive a logo sticker and a continuation sheet that customers can see. As well as guaranteeing quality, this encourages customers to place personal orders, for which they receive a discount. It’s a way of rewarding good taste, a good purchasing decision and respect for animals’ lives.


La Cheville provençale

Launched nine years ago, the company specialises in the wholesale trade (business to business) of butcher’s meat. The president, François Roux, and managing director, Elisabeth Martin, founded the business based on Roux’s expertise as a third generation meat wholesalers who is well-known throughout the region for his excellent work. La Cheville provençale is supplied by breeders and traders who belong to short supply chains, preferably regional, buy their livestock live, closely monitor the abattoirs, and resell the meat as carcasses to butchers, restaurants and local communities. This original activity is now supplemented by the online sales stream “Viande des prés”, which allows individual customers to buy high-quality meat delivered to them directly. Their meat selection meets strict criteria, including AOP (Appellation d’origine protégée) and HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale) certifications, organic farming methods, and regional certifications.

Localisation : 

Création : 2013
Activité : Vente de viandes régionales en circuits courts auprès des boucheries, restaurants, collectivités et pour les particuliers sur
Directrice générale : Elisabeth Martin
Président : François Roux
Collaborateurs : 18

By Valérie Rouger


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