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December 2022

Véronique Maurel

Indépendance et engagement


Véronique Maurel studied oenology and spent several years working in the wine industry before meeting Patrick Hyppolite, an IT programmer and developer. Partners in life and work, they combined their talents, experience and know-how to found Ixarys, a company that designs and sells traceability software for the viticulture and aeronautics sectors in France and internationally. The role of business leader is made for Maurel, who is hardworking, humane, sensitive and committed. She is not only interested in learning and self-improvement, but also in the quality of life of her co-workers, management and transmission. Having often been the only women in a male environment, the business leader has frequently fought for equality. “My father was a mason and always treated me like a boy. He taught me to be independent!” Now in her fifties, the mother of two shares her sense of commitment with her children. “My kids have also taught me to commit to other causes, such as the environment. At my level, I need to pay attention to what I consume and to nature.”

As well as running her own company, Véronique Maurel joined the Union Patronale du Var (UPV), the Var employers’ union, in 2008, and in 2022 she succeeded Gérard Cerruti as its president. “I realised how important trade unions are and how important it is to raise the issues we face on the ground in Paris, and I wanted to do more.”

Established in 2008, Ixarys offers a suite of viticulture software designed to manage and track production. From the vine to sales, Ixarys facilitates the work of wine growers, cooperative wineries and wine estates in France and internationally by providing new technologies and custom global solutions. 

Ixarys harnesses the desire to innovate while protecting the environment. “In 2015 an aeronautics company asked us to develop a software solution that would render their maintenance facilities more profitable. This included keeping planes on the ground for less time and increasing flights and profitability. Patrick and I took several training courses and developed the aeronautics section, TracingFligh.” The modules integrate with software such as TracingGest ou TracingDocs, enabling companies to go paper-free and use electronic sales management, invoicing and document filing systems.

Localisation : Lorgues (Var)
Date de création : octobre 2008
Activité : éditeur de logiciels de traçabilité
Président : Patrick Hyppolite 
Direction Générale et co-fondatrice : Véronique Maurel
Capital social : 303 945 €
Nombre de collaborateurs : 20

Par Mathilde Hingray


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