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December 2022

Gaëlle Berthaud

  • The new challenges of the Parc des Calanques

Gaëlle Berthaud

The new challenges of the Parc des Calanques

Gaëlle Berthaud a succédé à François Bland à la tête du Parc national des Calanques.

Gaëlle Berthaud has been managing the Calanques National Park Authority since 1 September. This graduate of the National College of State Public Works, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, and Institute for Advanced Studies in Regional Development and Planning in Europe has acquired considerable experience through her subsequent responsibilities. Since her arrival, Gaëlle Berthaud has taken on several major projects concerning the future of this vast park of more than 50,000 hectares, which extends over the municipalities of Cassis, Marseille, and La Ciotat. The priority remains to manage the excessive number of visitors to the Calanques. Gaëlle Berthaud will present the results of the access regulation system put in place this summer at Sugiton to the Board of Directors at the end of November, which will determine the next step to be taken (the first impression being extremely positive). This excessive visitation also affects the marine environment, causing damage to the marine fauna and flora (particularly the Posidonia). Studies of the mooring scheme, conducted with all maritime players, should lead to its gradual implementation in four areas by 2024 (to coincide with the Olympic Games). Finally, rewriting the park charter (dating from 2013) is scheduled for 2027.

Par Maurice Gouiran


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