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July 2022

Fabien Bouchard, alias Parse/Error

A balance of contradictions

Par Clotilde Roux

He’s a biologist by training, a web developer by trade, and the founder of an online art magazine. Fabien Bouchard, aka Parse/Error, is now devoting his time and talents to making hi-tech art. He is using his technical knowledge and a humanistic approach to open our eyes to the intangible, contradictory realities of our society. He wants to reconnect us with the world around us. He uses the new technologies to point out their limits from the standpoint of people and society. His creations focus on the nexus between nature, humanity and tech – on our uses of tech, and their consequences.
Parse/Error uses digital art in different ways. His physical artworks (in wood, metal and 3D-printed plastic) are digitized and connected in real time to online data. The winking lights and colours of these objects reveal a new dimension. Pollution (is in the air) literally sheds light on the invisible pollution all around us. For his purely digital work he uses real time and generative art to establish a dialogue between the artwork and the spectator. He is also working on immersive artworks that take up a whole room, such as Color Flow.