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May 2021

Le plastique by Carbon Blue

How can waste that pollutes the planet be changed into a material that designers use to create high-quality products? Carbon Blue has the answer! Encounter with company creator, Sebastien Testa.

Stéphane Testa.
Les chaises de la gamme « classique ».
De nouveaux coloris pour les modèles personnalisables.

Plastic really runs in your family, doesn’t it?
Undoubtedly. My family runs MP Industries, which treats nearly 300 tons of plastic each year and has been in the field for forty years. This family experience led me to think that plastic waste, a major environmental polluter, could be a valuable resource if processed correctly. And that is how Carbon Blue came to be…

What type of plastic do you recycle?
High-density polyethylene for the most part, the type of plastic found in bottle caps, non-transparent containers, sturdy plastic crates, etc. MP Industries uses such waste to create Recyclene, a 100% recycled and recyclable material. Recyclene is a rot-proof composite plastic that is dyed in the mass. It can be handled and used just like wood.

What sort of products are made from Recyclene?
High-end, anti-graffiti articles that retain their colour and hold up well even when exposed to bright sunlight and ocean sprays. Products are made by dedicated craftsmen with unique manual know-how. Carbon Blue first produced a ‘traditional’ line of chairs in various colours (black, dark blue, light beige, grey). This line will soon be completed with other types of furniture.

What is the difference between Carbon Blue and companies that rely on other, more industrial production systems?
Carbon Blue offers a platform for developing projects to people who see a bright future for recycled plastic. Our goal is to preserve a small-scale, hand-crafted approach thanks to a network of workshops. On the 5-year horizon, we hope to have a hundred such franchised workshops. With the support of Carbon Blue, each one will produce a ‘traditional’ line that can be customised using the coloured plastic sheets, as well as personal creations. Workshops will have at their disposal all the modern technologies needed to grind, melt, and model plastic, as well as a sponsor. The overwhelming majority (90%) of all creations made in the workshops will be marketed and sold through our website.

By Maurice Gouiran - Photos Jean-François Canavaggia