October 2017

Multi-Occupancy Housing Prize

  • 25 social-housing units in Pessicart





The plans derived from the architects' reading of a site structured by flat terracing left over from its previous horticultural use, resulting in horizontal planes that cut across the slope of the land, merging at each end into the topographical irregularities. Sandwiched between these concrete slabs are wood-faced external walls enclosing 25 apartments on two floors. The lie of the land and the gradient between building and road incited the architects to use the roof for parking, thus affording residents an initial panoramic view out to the horizon. The only blind façade, backed up against the hillside, is broken up by a trellis of climbing plants forming a year-round feature. Access to the apartments is down stairways dug out of the hillside. The external walls are all identical, as are most of the openings, permitting the use of a noble material – wood – to balance the concrete-ribbon effect.


Localisation : Nice
Maîtrise d’ouvrage : Amétis
Architecte : Atelier Combas Architectes (Sophie Delage, Pierre Le Quer, Mathieu Grenier)
Surface SHON : 1 410 m²
Montant des travaux : 2 150 000 € HT
Livraison : PC délivré en avril 2017