De la création de produits originaux aux nouvelles technologies de l’information et la communication, les entreprises azuréennes sont un véritable atout de la région. Economie, banque, immobilier, urbanisme, architecture… cette rubrique se place au plus près des initiatives et transformations de nos villes. Ici, le concours ArchiCOTE vient également tous les ans récompenser les projets d’architectes les plus engagés et inscrits dans leur territoire.

September 2022

Hugues Lagarde

  • Architectural Photography and Jury Prize
La gare sans son ballet de trains.
Les lignes graphiques de la place Massena.
Promenade en noir et blanc dans la vieille ville.

Nice in a Vacuum. Author of photographs in architecture and design, Hugues Lagarde produced a very specific series during the confinement,sheltered from the tumult of cars and agitation of passers-by. He intentionally presents shots like direct memory traces of parenthesis in the constant flow of the city without retouching. They show urban architecture as virtually never seen during the day, except perhaps when projects are underway. Just as Christo and Jeanne-Claude wrapped monuments all the better to reveal their presence, Hugues Lagarde invites us, through this stripping down, to take a fresh look at these buildings, their geometry, and the way they structure the landscape. His findings on our movements in public spaces and the way they have been conceived by architects also emerge.

The jury’s opinion
Architecture is primarily transmitted universally through photography, allowing its history to be committed to memory worldwide. We discovered the city in a completely different way during the confinement, and the eye of Hugues Lagarde reveals all of its architecture here.