De la création de produits originaux aux nouvelles technologies de l’information et la communication, les entreprises azuréennes sont un véritable atout de la région. Economie, banque, immobilier, urbanisme, architecture… cette rubrique se place au plus près des initiatives et transformations de nos villes. Ici, le concours ArchiCOTE vient également tous les ans récompenser les projets d’architectes les plus engagés et inscrits dans leur territoire.

September 2021


  • “Sometimes you have to look at things from a different angle”
  • David Zeller, alias Zed, ArchiCOTE trophy designer, continues to develop his resolutely positive artworks with new Flexo and painted Passwords in limited editions.

He likes to share his optimism. So, seeing the glass half full and not vice versa is the choice Zed makes in his creations. The artist is known for his Flexo—pictogram-like characters that illustrate our everyday emotions through their gestures—came up with a characteristic pose for the ArchiCOTE trophy. A Flexo with hands raised over its head. To illustrate the importance of having a roof over ours and carrying an individual message for each winner. After working on six monumental sculptures in France this year, Zed continues his experiments with new materials and colours. ‘Originally, the Flexo were transparent. Then I made opaque ones, metallic ones, and I wanted to come back to this rendition with transparent Plexiglas in pastel colours,’ Zed enthuses. For the past two years, the artist has also been developing painted pictures with hidden anamorphic messages that become legible when you lift them. After his first large-format Passwords, he started producing smaller versions this summer. Affordable multiples that read: “Tomorrow will be better” and “You’re not alone”... These free-standing Plexiglas works bring a smile despite the current gloom. You can find the artist this autumn at art3f shows throughout France. He will also be exhibiting at the Espace Muséal in Ferrette from 20 October. A new cultural venue in his native Alsace with its inauguration planned in the presence of Prince Albert II of Monaco.


© Jean-François Frey


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