From the catwalk to the street, from horological complications to extravagant jewellery, from designers in the spotlight to the new modes of transport, our Trends pages illustrate the latest in lifestyle. These cleanly-designed, well-illustrated pages take a sideways look to decipher major shifts in society as they happen, offering a comprehensive, avant-gardist view of today's zeitgeist.
COTE shows you the most complex details with text and pictures.

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  • Bright, iodised, insular, and sexy: a few drops of perfume on tanned skin suffice to make you shine bright.
  • Maxi earrings, extravagant cuffs, over-sized necklaces, and multi-finger rings… Jewellery on the catwalks adds the finishing touches to carefully considered looks. Fashionistas say “yes”!
  • The Baguette bag created by Silvia Fendi in 1997 – to be carried under the arm like a French baguette – is considered one of the first It bags. Its oblong shape inspires all manner of designers.
  • It Girls combine style and comfort, gracefully blending cocoon materials and stylish pieces, be they on a terrace sipping hot chocolate or after a day on the slopes.
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