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June 2021

Le temps est bon, le ciel est bleu…

Par Julie de los Rios

We have nothing to do but be happy”. Could watchmakers have had the words to the Isabelle Pierre song covered by Bon Entendeur running through their heads? Time engineers are in buoyant and festive spirits, much like us. The 2021 crop of watches is an invitation to a giant party, the world of nightlife an obsession. Bulgari pays tribute by calling on DJ and stylist Steve Aoki to create a special edition. Cut out for the coolest of parties. Fashion girls will probably prefer the Chanel Electro capsule collection’s vibe. Watchmakers are inviting us to take a bite out of life—when they’re not busy showing us everything they know, breaking new records or celebrating the sporty-chic aesthetic. The new 2021 Rolex watches have a strong focus on exploration, while Hublot brilliantly undertakes new experiments in its Art of Fusion.To accompany these furtive moments, let’s surround ourselves with refined objects. Whether it be the beauty of a gesture, the craftsmanship, a technical feat or a redesigned dial, the watchmaking world is doing what it has known how to do best for centuries: embellishing everyday life, constantly threatened by the passing of time. Keeping us dreaming, always.


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