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April 2023

The swimming pool of Summer 2023!

Dive into the latest trends. Decor, eco-responsibility, recommended materials... 
Expert retailers shed some light on what’s new in the sector.

By Laurence Jacquet

Swimming pool manufacturers and renovators like Aquarêve are unanimous: increasingly, the demand from private individuals is for shallower, more ecological swimming pools. These new constructions consume less water, electricity, and chemical products... Gone are swimming pools with diving boards as in the 60s/70s/80s; the time has come for eco-responsible swimming pools. We can also enjoy the luxury of bathing (almost) all year round with the new high-performance heat pumps. They are less energy-intensive and more powerful. Avantage Service Piscine states that these new pumps can maintain the water temperature at 28° depending on the size of the swimming pool.

Décor-wise, natural pool bottoms are in, and small turquoise tiles are out! The trend is towards “porcelain stoneware”, a solid tile suitable for all swimming pools and a waterproof material that fits perfectly into the garden. On the one hand, because of its purifying properties, and on the other, its texture blends in with natural stone. Create the pool of your choice in up to 30 colours – Provençal, Zen, urban, bohemian... Porcelain stoneware is durable and easy to maintain: it does not deteriorate when exposed to strong sunshine or cleaning products. In addition, it has an anti-slip finish for better safety, as Maxi Piscine explains.

Finally, no more chores before you swim! You can delegate swimming pool maintenance and automatic water treatment by installing a “technical room” with low power consumption, as recommended by Piscine Soleil Service. This device manages annual water treatment and disinfects the swimming pool if necessary.

Colourful, fun, and functional objects... you'll love taking a dip!


The Nice Fleet

Idéale pour savourer les plaisirs du bain avec style, la bouée XL Izu 120 cm en PVC recyclable. 
A Nice, chez Good Design Store



Ce Rabbit Chair design Stefano Giovanonni fabriqué en plastique recyclé se fond dans le jardin à l’heure de Pâques comme un invité surprise.



Indispensable ! La glacière à roulettes Be Cool de Zuiver en métal noir tient votre boisson préférée bien au frais. 



Tapis Teo en plastique, à fouler les pieds mouillés. Disponible en 7 tailles (à partir de 70 x 120 cm) et 6 coloris. 


Fatboy X Longchamp

Le pouf gonflable Lamzac® tout droit sorti du sac filet Pliage® est irrésistible dans les trois couleurs : fuchsia, orange et pistache.



L’indispensable robot nettoyeur sans fil Dolphin Liberty est un allié de la baignade. Étanche et mobile, il nettoie le fond et les parois de la piscine.


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