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June 2018

Have a nice trip!





Holiday time will soon be here, so don't forget the trendiest accessories of the moment.

Puppy 1
Smart luggage at last! This autonomous suitcase will follow you anywhere and can even be programmed to meet you at a particular place. And it always keeps its balance, thanks to technology tried
and tested on the Segway.

Prynt Pocket
A pocket printer for your iPhone! Take your snapshot, click again and the print emerges on adhesive-backed paper. The Prynt app lets you personalise and edit your photos with filters, emoticons, text, etc.

Astell&Kern AK380 Copper
This portable music player incorporates high quality dual digital-to-analog converters, a 256GB flash memory, a wide touch screen, unbalanced headphone output and WiFi and Bluetooth controllers.

This multi-function electric lighter was dreamed up by Maison Z. The lighter, clad in noble materials, is the first ever lighter to recharge smartphone batteries, detect fake banknotes and serve as a torch.



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