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May 2018




Turbo-charge your spins on these electric playthings!

Babboe Curve
This three-wheel cargo bike has gas-assisted steering dampers and a box carrying up to four children. The rear-wheel-mounted motor provides seven gears and an easy-to-charge battery gives 40-60km of electric pedal assistance.

2Twenty Roma
Its vintage Vespa look belies its cutting-edge technology, with a 1500W motor (equivalent to 50cc) giving a 55km range. The removable battery takes about 6hr to charge from an ordinary 220V socket.

Ninebot by Segway ONE E+
Delivering futurist design plus outstanding performance (22kph and 30km range), this electric unicycle is the indispensable plaything for futuristic exploring! You ride it like any other self-balancing transporter, leaning forwards to go straight
on or sideways to turn.

Noordung One
Carbon fibre structure, motor hidden in the frame, USB port, removable Bluetooth speaker, decidedly retro leather seat (made by Brooks, famed for their bicycle seats). The absolute must-have in electric bikes.

Skateboard DELTA X
Sleek looks, lovely finishes and blue LEDs make this as beautiful as it is technically perfect. It works just like a skateboard save that you control the speed with your body .

Lab’Elle Connectée
A gem of reliability and technology. With this Bluetooth-connected electric scooter you can adjust the speed (maximum 25kph) and electricity consumption (25 to 35km autonomy), use the GPS or activate the onboard lock.

Par Alexandre Benoist


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