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July 2015

Make mine

  • an SUV!
 trendy auto juillet

Freedom comes as standard with an SUV, whether cruising the countryside, exploring mountains or hitting the town.


Toyota RAV4
Twenty years back the Japanese car maker radically transformed the motoring scene when it launched the compact SUV segment. And now it's done it again! Powered by a 2.5-litre (petrol) hybrid system with an additional electric motor in the rear axle, this new model takes the RAV4 range into a new era.


Jeep Renegade
This is Jeep's most accomplished small SUV, demonstrating as surely as ever the spirit of adventure this maker's reputation is based on. The Renegade combines stunning features: all-terrain abilities unequalled in its class, the freedom and practicality of open-roof driving, low-consumption engines, remarkable refinement and sophisticated technologies.


Volvo XC90
The XC90 represents a new departure for the Swedish marque in terms of conceptual philosophy. Featuring assertive styling and minute attention to detail, it opens the way to future Volvo design, enriched with signatures that include a new logo, a "floating" grille and T-shaped Thor Hammer headlights.


Par Alexandre Benoist


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