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May 2015

Open up!

 auto 07 2015

German carmakers have nothing left to prove in the cabriolet segment, as these sporty, stylish models demonstrate.


Série spéciale SL « Mille Miglia 417 »
To mark the 60th anniversary of a memorable competition success, Mercedes-Benz has launched a rather special edition of its SL Roadster. The name refers to the 300 SL's unexpected win in the 1955 Mille Miglia, one of the toughest endurance races in the world. This gem of a car blends to perfection upmarket comfort and competitive character.



Série 6 Cabriolet
The 6 Series models are fully-fledged members of this marque's legendary lineage. This particular one delivers every pleasure anticipated of sports-class open-air driving in complete comfort. Its stunning looks derive mainly from the smooth transition between exterior and a cabin that in open mode feels rather like the deck of a boat.


TT Roadster
Audi's new 2-seat convertible delivers a powerful, efficient, dynamic, sporty, pleasure drive! Open its door and step into a virtual cockpit, the classic dashboard display replaced by a big digital screen showing everything in 3D impression, from (optional) map to the TTS Roadster's central rev-counter.


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