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July 2020

Electric vehicles with a feminine touch





Women are the primary decision-makers in 60% of all vehicle purchases. Manufacturers are aware of this fact and offer ethical models with a girlish touch.

Mini Cooper SE
First electric car manufactured in series.


The darling of chic neighbourhoods has gone green and in doing so has become one of BMW’s best. With its high-range standard equipment, high-end design and a 35-minute charge time when using a public outlet to charge the battery to 80%, the Mini Cooper SE is a dynamic car for women on the go !

Smart Fortwo EQ
No more stopping at the station.

The runabout that has crisscrossed our cities for 22 years will now be equipped only with electric engines, a choice that makes the world’s no. 1 city car wonderfully quiet. Besides the well-known coupé, the Smart comes in four-passenger and cabrio versions so everyone can get around the urban jungle in style.

Honda E
High fashion, high tech.

All heads turn for a second look at the amazing exterior of the Honda E. But it’s the car’s interior that really sets it apart: five screens form a digital ribbon across the dashboard, serving as rear-view mirrors and driving aids, and providing information and entertainment. A 154 HP engine makes the Honda E first off at the stoplight, while its parking pilot makes it the first car parked!

Fiat 500 La Prima Berline
Italian spirit.

EThe panoramic sunroof on this entirely electric car makes it one of the most popular on the market. On the outside, the famous little Italian car is still neo-retro in design, but a look inside reveals a sober, techno-chic revolution, right down to its Easy Wallbox. The Prima is a prime seller in any era.


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