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September 2023

Nadège Billiet

The ‘little mouse’ of home decoration

By Lionel Leoty
© Kevin Tchobanian
© Kevin Tchobanian

It’s just a step from high gastronomy to interior decoration, and  Nadège Billiet has hopped across with brio. The elegant, energetic young woman with the disarming smile wanted a new life devoted to her passion: home decoration. So after working as a press officer for chef Alain Ducasse in Monaco, she set up her own business in 2021. Why did she choose the name La Petite Souris (‘the little mouse)? For Nadège, it’s obvious. “A mouse is never still, she ferrets about busily, she’s always looking. She builds patiently and with determination. She’s curious, meticulous and the very embodiment of perseverance.” For Nadège, these qualities are what a decorator needs when she starts from a blank sheet to create a world that completely matches her customer’s desires. “What’s important to me is to see what my customer doesn’t see and hear what they haven’t said.” From interview and questionnaire to mood board, hyper-realistic 3D model and shopping list, Nadège puts the human side ahead of everything and helps her customers like a “decor coach”. Her idea of giving pleasure? “Today, we all have the right to feel good in our home. After what we’ve been through these past few years, our home has become our safe haven. A cocoon
that marks the transition from the outside world.”
La Petite Souris brings the same enthusiasm to embellishing the interior of a modest urban studio flat as to enhancing a Belle Epoque villa on Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Her greatest satisfaction, when the job’s completed, is to see what she’s accomplished in osmosis with her customers and to hear them say “Thank you, you understood us!”



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