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July 2023

Emmanuel Pilon

A natural 3-star chef 

The young chef has brought a breath of modernity to the Louis XV-Alain Ducasse at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo for the past year, where Alain Ducasse has entrusted him with the helm.

By Anne Emellina
Alain Ducasse « est un des meilleurs palais au monde, un coach qui me pousse à aller encore plus loin» confie le chef Emmanuel Pilon. © Matteo Carassale
Le monde végétal, une source d'inspiration renouvelée pour le chef Emmanuel Pilon dont la cuisine suit le rythme des saisons.

Emmanuel Pilon, a creative dynamo, respectfully revives the anthological Riviera natural cuisine: “The important thing is to keep the Louis XV legacy intact and mix in my experience and passion.” Emmanuel Pilon is no stranger to this world, having had a distinguished career here before being introduced to natural cuisine at the Plaza Athénée with Romain Meder: “It's a way of working day by day, adapting to the seasons’ rhythm and respectful fishing. We work with every product in its entirety, even the simplest ones. Each has a place in a three-star restaurant, but the nobility comes from their preparation.” 

A unifying force, he guides and draws his teams into his world and vision of Haute Gastronomy. 

The Louis XV kitchens have become a fascinating laboratory for natural cuisine and experimentation, with jars of vegetables, fruit and buds in fermentation or maceration. 

“My dishes focus on vegetal ingredients, protein accompanies and is self-sufficient, perfect cooking brings out the best in it.” 

He adds one or two new dishes to the menu each week, depending on what's in season and available at the market. Always wanting to go the extra mile: “I like to create 3-star dishes using products that no one else wants or has ever used”. 

Take the usually discarded sediment at the bottom of olive oil decanting tanks, for example. He uses it to bind and intensify an astonishing vegetable peel jus. What will tomorrow's Louis XV look like? “Dynamic cuisine, always touching the senses and constantly moving forward, evolving, like Nature.”

L'équipe du Louis XV-Alain Ducasse suit avec enthousiasme leur chef dans ses expérimentations culinaires.


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