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July 2023

Simon Auscher

Creative chef and cook 

By Anne Emellina
© Marie Genin Dans les cuisines de particuliers, il met à profit le savoir-faire acquis dans les grandes maisons gastronomiques.
@DR Spécialité du chef Simon Auscher, des plats créatifs beaux comme des tableaux, à base d'ingrédients bio de saison dont il marie à merveille les saveurs et les couleurs.

Simon Auscher decided to take his career in another direction by selling his Paris restaurants and relocating to the south of France, a move that has proved to be quite a challenge. Having been in Nice for a few months, he has reinvented himself as a personal chef for private clients and events. With clients such as Demi Moore, the Palais de Tokyo and Fashion Week, his talent earned him the position of chef-in-residence at restaurants such as Nuances near Nice port, where he collaborated in the spring with chef Victor Mai. His love of food did not come about by chance. “I’ve always loved eating. This is due in part to the fact my mother was an excellent cook. I used to watch her and help her with the preparations,” he told us. “She has Cameroonian roots and served up generous dishes. Mealtimes were sacred in our house. Becoming a chef might not have been my immediate vocation but I was always fascinated by the world of cooking.”


Écotable certification

In the end, Auscher took a course at hotel school in Strasbourg, his hometown. 

He then embarked on a sandwich course with vocational training at well-known restaurants such as La Messardière in Saint-Tropez, with Jean-François Piège at Brasserie Thoumieux and at Shangri-La hotel in Paris with Philippe Labbé. After a stint as manager of a French restaurant in Hong Kong, he co-founded Tannat, and then a second restaurant Anna, in Paris. Both would help the young unknown chef make his name in gastronomic circles. He very quickly obtained the Écotable label, a certification established by a female friend of his. Indeed, his Tannat restaurant became the first to obtain 

the label which combines product quality with know-how and respect for the planet. Simon had embarked on an eco-friendly journey which continues today. 

“My new ethos will be to support local producers, aim for organic and adhere to ecological principles while offering simple, healthy, tasty food.” He would 

then refocus on more affordable cuisine and join forces with friends to launch Psomi which revolutionised the staff canteen. With their 11H59 brand they furthered the “lunch cause” with beautiful, tasty everyday dishes prepared according to Écotable principles.


Bringing designer cuisine to the masses

Then along came Covid and lockdowns and he was forced to take a step back and sell his restaurants. However Simon, always full of energy and not one for routine, began posting his 

“sexy recipes” – mouth-watering, creative, insta-worthy dishes – on Instagram. “I want to share my colourful, seasonal recipes with as many people as possible, to teach my followers to cook dishes they would never have thought of.” He isn’t vegetarian but loves vegetables which he presents in some quite spectacular ways. He describes himself as an “artistic cook and recipe blogger”. Also a gifted writer, in his posts he uses his love of words to show case his cooking. He teaches us easy recipes with an original twist, like his beautiful artistic focaccias which are as pretty as gardens. We learn how to make the most of cauliflower and radishes, roast spices and use ingredients from all over the world. He is now settled in Nice and still very much an Instagram sensation. He also publishes a food newsletter sharing tips and ideas on his vision of tasty, designer, spontaneous cuisine. An inspirational chef to watch…

Chef à domicile pour des privés ou des événements, Simon Auscher a l'art et la manière d'embellir les buffets de réception avec ses compositions gourmandes relevées d'une touche d'originalité.


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