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April 2022


Claudie Croizet

Together, let’s take up the challenges


“I love and need to excel myself,” says Claudie Croizet, who remembers the New York Marathon she ran on her 50th birthday as the best day of her life. A qualified architect to start with, she set up her company, focused on organising events that increased companies’ visibility to develop their market. “At one point, I had this intuition, this conviction that we had reached a huge acceleration point in digital technology and that we needed to change radically the way we sell and communicate. So, when we moved to bigger premises in 2016, we equipped the whole company and hired staff with this in mind.” Now that the health crisis has passed, Claudie Croizet works mainly on the digital side of the business, the events side having been reduced to a minimum, helping companies to formulate a coherent message that gives them a long-term perspective.

“How do you communicate with people through the sales tunnel? The idea here is to work on the relationship you have with the other person to best meet their needs, as it is in architecture. What I liked about this job was the aesthetics of the volumes, and, more importantly, the fact of creating places that allow people to meet,” continues this CEO, who likes discovering new people, going to the theatre and questioning herself about the world. Since last summer, she has also taken over as the head of Initiative Nice Côte d’Azur (INCA) for three years, a community network offering finance and support for business start-ups and takeovers. “In 2021, we developed the first Pop-up Initiative in France. An experimental 230 m2 space set up on the 1st floor of Nice Etoile enabling entrepreneurs, partners, and clients to meet.” A way to encourage innovation, to turn consumers into actors in the local economy. Claudie Croizet is contributing to the co-construction of tomorrow’s companies, whether it be in her company or via her INCA mandate.

Le premier Pop-up Initiative de France, un espace expérimental de 230 m2 ouvert aux entrepreneurs, partenaires et clients.

Création : 1998
Localisation : Nice
Activité : financement et accompagnement à la création et reprise d’entreprise
Présidente : Claudie Croizet
Statut : association loi 1901
Collaborateurs : 14 et 250 bénévoles

Initiative Nice Côte d’Azur

Created almost 25 years ago to help creators and buyers of small businesses, the platform is part of the national Initiative France network. It is organised around strong values, such as benevolence, the relationship of trust, and listening to the project holders. INCA grants unsecured loans to support business start-ups and job creation. In 2021, it financed 161 businesses, facilitating the creation or maintenance of 1472 jobs in the Métropole de Nice area and the Pays des Paillons community of municipalities.