For tourists and local residents alike, there's many an unsuspected pleasure to be found close by, from the sea to the summits of the Pre-Alps. Among bays, peninsulas and sun-drenched countryside, luxury hotels, beaches, golf courses and jaunts, we'll take you to some amazing places.

July 2023

La Plage du Negresco

The most ‘Palace’ 


N - La Plage, launched last summer, unveils its true colours this season. Luminous and refined, with immaculate whiteness and lush greenery, like a botanical garden by the sea. The pergola and lattice structures, reminiscent of French Grand Siècle gardens, are very much in keeping with the Negresco.
It is one of the few Ecolabel beaches where plastic has no place. Michelin-starred chef and MOF Virginie Basselot and her chef Sébastien Volontier offer land-sea gastronomy, with fine cuts of locally caught fish, matured meats cooked on the grill and seasonal vegetables. The comfortable deckchairs make for an elegant day lazing in the sun while enjoying the world’s best Lobster Rolls from Homer Lobster.

37 Promenade des Anglais, Nice

Tél. 04 93 16 64 08


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