karine boret
Photographie de Mylène Zizzo

Karine Boret

  • Dual challenge for 2017


After spending eight years as communication manager at the splendid La Coquillade estate and hotel (in Gargas, Vaucluse), I decided to switch to the health foods sector. My economics degree and my Master’s in marketing hardly fitted me for this kind of business, which requires a firm grounding in science. In fact, it was my sports experience that pushed me in that direction. My goal is to open a dietetics practice specialising in sports nutrition, inputting my knowledge and experience to make diet a real performance advantage for competitors. Starting studies again as an adult, in a discipline very different from one’s initial training, taking courses and sitting exams, is a real challenge. It’s at least as big a challenge as when I decided to compete in the Ironman contest in Nice. For me, sport began with running. After a few sprains and a few medals for 10-15km races I moved on to marathon and then triathlon, a captivating but complex discipline that gives me the chance to keep up a good training schedule – which one needs, to tackle the three endurance tests. My performance in Half-Ironman (Aix-en-Provence and Vichy) and Natureman contests encouraged me to join the starting line for the Ironman in Nice. This is a different kind of challenge to my studies! For a contest with a 3.8km swim, 180km by bike and a 42km run you need 15 hours’ training a week for six months. It’s difficult to incorporate that in a schedule that’s already filled with professional and family commitments, but surely it’s worth it? Sport brings a basic balance to your life and improves your health, your state of mind and your self-confidence.


30 May 2007: Birth of my son Milo
8 November 2011: First Nice-Cannes marathon
22 September 2016: First long-distance triathlon, in Aix