anne vouland

Anne Vouland

  • À chacun son dessin !


When she opened her first shop, in Marseille, Anne Voulard had no idea she was going to create a new woman, a modern, elegant, trendy, feminine woman: the ”Lulli woman”. Anne is a person of great enthusiasm and many projects. As a teenager she wanted to be a dancer; she practiced dance at an advanced level for ten years. Nowadays she gives pleasure to women not through stage performances but through three shops and a website*. Having shops in Marseille, Cassis and Sanary is a sign of the brand’s success, of course, but more than that it’s because she wanted more places that would inspire women to indulge their dreams. The three shops complement each other. The website, launched in 2009 and covering the Lulli selections of all three shops, has become a fashion benchmark. It echoes the shops’ ambience and shares their demanding quality standards, friendliness and customer service. Anne isn’t a fashion designer. She’s far more than that: she creates whole worlds. Thanks to her faultless eye for new trends, her natural curiosity, energy and love of travel and adventure, she’s able to single out one-of-a-kind items, emerging designers and brands at the peak of fashion. The ready-to-wear, bags, footwear, accessories and jewellery are all part of a chic, cosy world where you’re sure to feel good. The “Lulli woman” is a fulfilled woman, confident and at ease in her professional and personal life.