Frédéric Wolf

  • Classical in Bandol


Frédéric Wolf, director and producer of Classica Bandol, has spent his whole life in music. As a young violinist he found he had a talent for organising; little by little, he moved into orchestra management and concert production. In the late 1980s he started a company, Art Management, and a chamber orchestra, Les Virtuoses de France. In 2007 he founded the Prométhéus 21 ensemble (classical and baroque). Both ensembles perform in France and abroad, at festivals and on cruises, so he has had the good fortune to meet some truly great musicians such as Karajan and Menuhin. Given his experience, knowledge and fondness for the Var region, where he has lived for the past 33 years (in Castellet, where he moved when he left Paris), it's only natural that he should organise classical music festivals there. Le Castellet, Le Bausset and Bandol host his concerts for unforgettable summer evenings. For the second edition of Classica Bandol (6-14 August), Frédéric Wolf has concocted a remarkable programme with 18 concerts (69 different composers) scheduled for 7pm and 9.15pm at six different venues*. Frédéric Wolf being a man of many tastes, this eclectic festival includes not only classical music but also drama, jazz, dance and even origami and conjuring.


* Théâtre Jules Verne, centre culturel, allées Vivien, place de la Liberté et auditorium de l'hôtel Dolce Frégate Provence.