Marrou 3


  • Foodie saga


It all began in 1902 and hasn’t stopped since. Delicatessen and caterer Marrou now has five stores in Marseille, not counting its shop-in-shop at Lafayette Gourmet in the Centre-Bourse area. The family behind it all is proud to have maintained the same demanding standards from the original cheese shop to the evening do’s they organise these days (from friendly affairs to the poshest soirées). To extend its offering on the patisserie side Marrou has just hired Damien André, 22, a chocolatier who’s been though the rigorous Compagnon du Tour de France apprenticeship system. His job? To think up a range of handmade chocolates using local products. “I think dark chocolate is what chocolate is all about. Milk chocolate is a more to children’s tastes.” As you’ll agree if you try his totally addictive palets d’or!


2 boulevard Baill, Marseille 6e – Tél. 04 91 78 17 68