Gilles Lartigot

  • Wild beast in the food jungle


Six foot tall and all muscle, Gilles Lartigot is built like an athlete. Well, he is one. Thirty years of physical training have equipped him to deal with anything life throws at him. His morning sports practice gets him thinking and fires his inspiration, but also spurs him on to make diet and eating habits an absolute priority. His vision is a simple one: we live in a toxic society, gorging on harmful industrially-produced food, stressed out, poisoned by the pollution and synthetic chemicals all around us. The drive for profit means that food industry abuses are going to get worse. Now, on top of GMOs, meat-and-bone cattle feed and factory farming comes the threat of TAFTA, the Transatlantic Free Trade Area which will impose even more intensive stock farming methods, to the detriment of quality.
Because our health and our children's futures are determined by our dietary choices, Gilles Lartigot has published his thoughts and observations in a book*. In it he delivers an unsparing report on the dangers of the modern diet and its impact on the risks of cancer, stroke and chronic illness. The book is a big success, and this is also because it proposes a different dietary approach, highlights what is good for health, includes some original recipes and demolishes prejudices. Of course there are dozens of books about diet, but EAT is different: it explains the basics about our current eating habits in practical terms, from interviews with numerous experts. As well as writing, Gilles Lartigot travels around France giving talks and unveiling the secrets of his original diet. This way he sees clear evidence that the French are keen to adopt a dissident way of eating.


Par Maurice Gouiran
Photographie : Malika Mokadem

* EAT, Chroniques d'un fauve dans la jungle alimentaire, Les Editions Winterfields, 320 p., 2013.