Nathalie Dmitrovic

  • Curves and roundness


"I've always liked working with my hands. I like feeling the resistance of the metal as I shape it." Nathalie makes rings, and only rings, in gold, silver, silver platinum and bronze. Some are embellished with precious gems, some not. She compares them to sculptures on fingers – which is logical. After a master's degree in art history, Nathalie spent ten years doing figurative and contemporary sculpture in stone and marble before taking a training course in artistic metal working at the celebrated Ecole Boulle in Paris. On an internship with a Bordeaux jeweller she discovered how dowels are used to make rings. A "wonderful revelation," which she soon combined with her taste for volume, curves and rounded forms. She sees roundness as evoking gentleness, sensual pleasure and movement. Her forms turn around themselves like bodies dancing in space. "Rings come naturally to me. They are also the jewellery I most like to wear. As to inspiration, I find it everywhere, in day-to-day objects, design, architecture and so on." Nathalie, who moved to Marseille in 2006 and loves its light and its mineral landscapes, has won the 2014 Ateliers d’Art de France award for the PACA region.

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By Louis Badie