Le logo de la marque La Métropole Mobilité avec ses tons orange et ocre.


  • A brand to get things moving


When you’re stuck in a traffic jam in Marseille, Aubagne, Aix or somewhere in between, it’s tempting to think you’d get there faster by bike or Shanks’s pony.

Back in the ‘70s, gridlock was a Parisian problem, far from our thoughts. Now the plague has reached our region, with a vengeance! Since transport is key for economic growth, the Aix-Marseille-Provence metro area authority is creating a network to match its ambitions, under the brand name La Métropole Mobilité. The goal is to cut reliance on the car by doubling the use of public transport, making it easier to walk or bike, and creating better inter-commune public transport links. Existing networks (currently run by 18 different operators) will be gradually united, bringing each one into the brand when its contract comes up for tender. The brand will offer a simplified network with a single user pass (the Aix-Marseille-Provence pass has been annual since September) and a metro area express network with three TER rail links and 27 coach routes. By 2025, 92% of the metro area population will have access to the network within a ten-minute walk. Some major works are already under way, such as the tramway extension, the 7.2km Aixpress artery running east-west through Aix (due to open September 2019) and an excellent bus service for the North Marseille housing estates.