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Aux Roches Blanches, tout est conçu comme un dialogue avec les jardins et la mer.

Les Roches Blanches

  • Riviera spirit


With its recent metamorphosis, this hotel by the water’s edge in Cassis not only gains a fifth star, it also returns to its roots in the first half of the 20th century with a blend of Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Chartered architect and interior designer Monica Kappel thinks that discretion is the purest form of refinement. “Drawing attention by any means you can is the exact opposite of elegance. The same applies with interiors. Good style is about making the complex simple in the most natural way possible.” It’s on that basis that the Kappel agency was commissioned to renovate the Roches Blanches hotel from top to bottom, with instructions to restore it to its 1930s essence. The building still has some fine architectural features from that time: a glass and wrought iron front door flanked by columns; two decorative corbelled balconies; and an astonishing fish-scale-patterned banister featuring the initials “RB” on the first floor landing. The hotel was refurbished and enlarged several times in the 20th century, resulting in a total of 2400m2 of buildings of different styles and periods. The aim of the new renovation was to increase capacity (from 24 guestrooms to 36) and make the rooms convertible into suites or work spaces. With windows enlarged and new terraces and rooftops created, the hotel is more open to the garden and the sea, indoors blending with outdoors.

Pure thirties spirit
Monika Kappel has adopted many 1930s features in her decor: coffered ceilings, chrome and glass rod wall and ceiling lights, floors in black granite inlaid with brass, wallpaper printed with gold and palm frond patterns, sofas and seats in walnut, rosewood and velvet, and period armchairs, vases, prints and paintings. Evoking the Riviera’s greatest years, the lounge bar is decked in bright blue and the restaurant in lemon yellow, while the peacock-themed lobby is all deep blue, green and grey. The equally stylish guestrooms and bathrooms feature a combination of lacquer and velvet, marble and granite.

9 avenue des Calanques, 13260 Cassis

Par Louis Badie