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Le tunnel « spacio-temporel » qui nous entraîne jusqu’au bar et au restaurant.

Nhow Hôtel

  • Mind-blowing!


The Palm Beach has had a major overhaul, announced in big sunshine-yellow letters. A new hotel chain (the NH group), a new concept, a totally new interior … and, soon, new customers.

Nhow Hotel Marseille, which opened in June, is the brand’s fourth hotel, following Berlin, Milan and Rotterdam. Nhow Hotels offer a whole new lifestyle! The Marseille hotel has adopted a colour code based on the city’s themes: yellow and blue like the beaches, black like a noir detective novel. Walking in from the blazing sunshine outside, we were dazzled by the bold design of the place. More than just a hotel, it’s meant as a place where Marseille people will come for an enjoyable evening.

Reception floor
The tone is set as soon as you walk in. You find yourself in a big lounge bar with blue sofas like rolling waves, inviting you to sink in and relax into Mediterranean azure or dive beneath a gleaming shoal of sardines. The seaside holiday mood continues on the terrace, laid out to accommodate festive evenings with DJs in the sky bar to drive the beat. The reception desk is further along, discreetly placed. This entrance floor has been designed by Claire Fatosme and Christian Lefèvre, who had already designed the Palm Beach in its Pullman Hotels incarnation.

Seaside floor
The trend-breaking Teresa Sapey has created an almost intergalactic tunnel that leads straight to the pool with the blue sea just beyond, with restaurant and grill bar to hand. You glide easily from one space to another, with Patricia Urquiola’s recliners and Gaetano Pesce’s enveloping Mama seats to drop into, taking passages that lead you to infinity, or just to the Cactus Bar. This vast hall has been magically converted into the epitome of Italian design. Hang onto your seats, you’re heading into the unknown!

Between the two
The corridors and stairways, as black as a noir detective novel, give a sense of unreality; then you open the door of one of the 150 guestrooms and walk into a flood of sunlight. These rooms are urban in style, compact and modern, with en-suite bathrooms specially designed for Nhow and balconies looking out to Île Maïre. Sublime.

200 Corniche Président J.F. Kennedy, Marseille 7e

Par Gérard Martin