STUDIO photo BIJOUX make it marseille

Mise en scène de bijoux stars au studio photo de Make it Marseille.

Make it Marseille: creative co-working

  • Just do it!


Make it Marseille is a place devoted to making things; above all, it is an innovative co-working space. People come there to work, create, learn and hone their skills together in a relaxed but studious atmosphere.


Make it Marseille, at the junction between the digital world and the crafts, explores possibilities for creativity and innovation with a view to helping economic players move forward. Emmanuelle Roy, co-founder of the concept, likes
to call it a “creative factory”, but it is above all a place where work and life come together. “Our spheres of action are designing creative systems, prototyping and producing objects, furniture and scenographies, running workshops, team-building, hosting events, etc.” That’s a rich and varied programme, involving shared workshops, a fab lab and co-working. “The aim is to stimulate a community already rich in know-how and to innovate by ‘just doing it’ together.” In practical terms, Make it Marseille has 450m2 of scalable space, a workshop, a well-insulated machine room for cutting, sanding and drilling materials, and a production space for light production and finishing for jewellery, textiles, leather etc. All this under the watchful eye of a staff member responsible for safety and proper use of the machines. Make it Marseille also has a professional photo studio, well-equipped, adaptable meeting rooms, etc. But why not check it out for yourself? While there you can take in a talk, enjoy coffee and chat at the big table in the fitted kitchen, sign on for a workshop or training course – in short, discover, discuss, try out, innovate and share.