fruitiere numerik plateforme

La plate-forme de la Fruitière numérique.

Digital fruit shop


In May 2015 the old fruit and vegetables cooperative in Lourmarin discovered a new vocation – as a multi-purpose space that works to overcome the digital divide.


The Fruitière Numérique, or ‘digital fruit shop’, boasts a team of five and a number of different spaces for its various activities including a Fab Lab, a ‘public digital space’, a co-working area, a leisure space, meeting rooms etc. It is open to all, from private individuals and businesses to voluntary organisations and local authority bodies. Its aims to transmit digital skills, nurture culture and creativity and provide a space for production and learning, discovery, discussion and conviviality, all in the good cause of digital citizenship. It provides assistance, training and facilitation with a view to economic development, culture, scientific and technical culture and training. In the Fab Lab people can design and make small objects or prototypes using the laser cutter, 3D printer and digital milling machine, with help from the team, who gladly welcome anyone with a project. There is help available for research and development, and a chance to meet potential partners. Many people come for training in 3D modelling or graphic design software; a course at Fruitière Numérique can count as part of their professional training. With 300 paying members and some 30 institutional and private sector partners, Fruitière Numérique fosters fruitful relationships and hosts discussions at various events around the region. Result: a region-wide impact in favour of digital innovation.