Une fois n’est pas coutume chez Girls & Tech, un homme s’adresse aux femmes.

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Esther, Laurence and Virginie, three ladies promoting women’s entrepreneurship in the digital sector in Marseille and Provence, told us about their project. Laurence Bricteux, consultant and lecturer in digital strategy and entrepreneurship; Virginie Galindo, tech communication and innovation manager at digital security specialists Gemalto; Esther Griffe, developer in data journalism, coding and digital marketing. These three techie ladies think it’s important to help other tech-inclined women fulfil their business dreams, so they have founded an association called Girls & Tech, which relentlessly drives home the message that tech is everywhere in our lives. The elegant trio also understands very well that the digital sector can’t do without women, even if they make up only a third of the workforce so far. But things are changing. And this trio are part of the change, persuading girls and women of the terrific potential this sector represents, for generating growth and employment and boosting competiveness. “We organise all kinds of activities that demonstrate women’s success in the new economy, such as round table discussions, talks, workshops and short business skills training courses. We mostly operate in Marseille, but team members go everywhere in the region and sometimes abroad. We’re busy in the real world!”


Hello Doctor, I’ve got this pain...
Mathilde Le Rouzic started up her online business in 2004, specialising in issues of online growth, e-marketing and the digital transition. She started out with Apple and then spent 12 years in e-commerce before co-founding Hellocare, focusing on electronic health services – a sector she really cares about. With the Hellocare app, which is free to download, you can talk directly to a doctor by phone-to-phone video. The call costs €29 but Hellocare if offering three free.