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 Pascal Keiser a également dirigé le programme numérique de la capitale européenne de la culture 2015, Mons en Belgique.

Pascal Keiser


Pascal Keiser is coordinator of French Tech Culture, the Avignon-Arles-Nîmes strand of the national French Tech initiative. It’s the ideal opportunity for this highly qualified civil engineer to use his scientific training and predictive skills (he foresaw the digital explosion back in 1998) in the service of culture, which is his passion. He was co-founder and director of The Bridge, a start-up incubator developing solutions for the culture, mobility and creative industries sectors. He’s the man behind a number of fun apps including To See Or Not To See (the first word-of-mouth app where you can post a crit of a show you’ve seen, buy tickets online and organise your schedule) and Waynote (which offers an audio accompaniment to your road trip, suggesting cultural discoveries near your route). He arrived in Avignon in 1998 and three years later set up La Manufacture, an original get-together hub with a commitment to contemporary writing. It’s a must-go place when the Avignon festival is on. He was also artistic curator for the Micro-Folie virtual art gallery at La Villette in Paris, which displays digital versions of major artworks from partner museums: the Louvre, Centre Pompidou, Versailles, Musée Picasso, Grand Palais, Quai Branly, Cité des Sciences and Philharmonie.