Christophe Bosson et Michel Hillmeyer.

Banque Populaire Méditerranée

  • Merger spells strength


The new bank’s chairman Michel Hillmeyer says, “The merger was born of the desire to create a large, financially stable Mediterranean cooperative bank capable of generating new possibilities for growth in order to better serve our customers.” The merger means that each bank is able to contribute its own successes and know-how. For example, the Banque Chaix has experience in high-end family banking and the Banques Populaires have an entrepreneurial commitment along with cooperative values. Christophe Bosson, the new CEO, confirms this desire: “The merger will enable the Banque Populaire Méditerranée to reach the critical size it needs to meet the demands of the banking business in face of increasing regulatory and consumer pressures, and to address issues of solvency, liquidity, competition and the new business practices, especially those connected with the wholescale digitisation of business these days.” Several growth drivers have been defined: better assistance for medium-sized businesses and large regional companies; accelerated growth in the private banking market; continued growth in the business banking market; taking advantage of recognised expertise in marine leasing; enlarging the customer base in the public sector; and moving ahead on real estate.


Par Maurice Gouiran