La cale sèche couverte peut accueillir des yachts de 94 mètres.

Palumbo MS-ITM

  • Un pari gagné pour Marseille


Marseille’s long tradition of ship repairs almost came to an end when International Technic Marine went into receivership in 2013. But now, thanks to Palumbo, the firm is off to a new start.


When the Naples-based family-owned group took over yacht repair and refit firm ITM in 2014, the future was far from clear. Two and a half years later, Palumbo Marseille Superyacht ITM is a mainstay of the business. True enough, the site rented from Marseille’s Grand Port Maritime is a great asset: four dry docks, 300m of quay for floating repairs and 12,000 m² on the hardstanding. With docks suitable for big yachts, including two 125m docks, the firm can handle boats of over 100m. The services of highly-qualified subcontractors efficiently complement the years of experience of the group’s engineers and the avant-garde approach of its young designers. With the number of super-yachts set to rise (650 in 2015, 900 in 2019), Marseille is strategically located. Palumbo, already operating in Naples, Messina and Malta, purchased Ancône in Teneriffe in 2016. Marseille completes the geographical coverage of this Mediterranean shipyard network, making for centralised supply in the ship and yacht repair and fitting sector.
Marseille is not only a centre of refit excellence but also a new after-sales service point for owners of Columbus yachts, the brand of yachts built by Palumbo, and will doubtless become a production centre for these boats.
The Black Box in the centre of the site is a place of rest and relaxation for crews, with a concierge service encouraging them to discover the calanques rather than the over-saturated harbours of the Côte d’Azur.