salle a manger
Une réalisation de ID Yachting décoration sur le M/Y LADY S d’après un projet de l’architecte Richard Hein.

Mega luxury for mega-yachts

  • La beauté intérieure…


Watching them from the shore, we’re impressed by their harmonious lines, sleek hulls, bold superstructures and, of course, their sheer size. We don’t imagine the luxurious fittings and furnishings inside.


Mega-yachts really are floating palaces, blessed with inventive architectural design, clever technological solutions and a wealth of upscale fixtures and fittings made from high-luxury materials. The interiors are magnificently designed and fitted out by the very best decorators and craftspeople. ID Yachting, a family-run company in La Ciotat near Marseille, performs this work on yachts of 40m and more being refitted at the La Ciotat Shipyards. It works with naval architects and designers, implementing their designs and producing the finished interiors. This means creating high-quality bespoke upholstery, interior decors and providing carpeting, drapes, household linen, tableware etc. And outside awnings too, while seating and mattresses on deck have to be regularly replaced and updated to add comfort and keep up with fashion trends. ID Yachting’s highly-skilled craftsmen and women work with luxurious materials, some of which are brought from the far ends of the earth. Yacht owners want the very best to enhance their dining rooms, lounges, bathrooms, gyms and swimming pools, and that’s what ID Yachting supplies. It also has to work to tight deadlines of one or two months. Demands is strong, because French craft skills and French-made quality have a worldwide reputation.