Avec l’équipage d’Alizée, un bateau de la SNM.

The SNM’s racing centre,

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Marseille’s SNM yacht club (aka La Nautique) boasts a racing centre, the Pôle Course, to promote the regatta spirit that the club has embodied throughout its 130 years in existence. It is training dozens of members for competitive sailing and giving active support to a number of high-level sporting sailors.


The racing centre is one of the club’s big attractions and is open to club members and sporting members. The dynamic momentum it has created has given them a great energy boost. With more than 30 member units, it brings together the club’s best racing sailors, offers them theoretical and practical training all year round and supports them in races they enter under the La Nautique flag. It’s a policy that works: the SNM was named French IRC club champion every year from 2011 to 2015.
The racing centre has five major goals: to increase the club’s renown, enhance the sense of belonging to the club, augment its members’ racing abilities, facilitate access to competitions for regatta sailors and support talented youngsters. Financial help (such as paying part of the registration fees for IRC championship regattas beyond Marseille) helps to keep up the momentum of the club’s yachts and to make sure La Nautique is represented in other places than Marseille harbour. The training sessions headed by Loïc Le Helley give teams the tools they need to become more effective in regattas. Support for high-level sailors in Olympic sailing and ocean racing has notably increased.