Villa Nostra IMG 8658
Au rez-de-chaussée, la vaste pièce à vivre largement ouverte sur l’extérieur. Aménagement Bo Concept.

Villa Nostra

  • M. comme Maison, comme Moderne


Through Villa Nostra its happy owners tell a personal story inextricably linked to their succession of homes. They believe that evolving with one’s lifestyle and needs is essential, and a privilege.


''We bought our first house when our eldest child arrived, but it soon became too small as our family grew fast and well,'' they laugh. So that was sold and the profit made allowed them to buy a bigger plot on which they had Villa Respekt (Villa Concept) built, the first positive-energy house in the PACA region. Here the family flourished and grew, until some years later the children, now teenagers, wanted to live closer to the centre of Salon-de-Provence. So Villa Respekt was put up for sale and last year the family took advantage of the extremely low interest rates to buy a small town-centre building plot; again they called in their favourite architect, Jacques Patingre, this time to build them a 170m² modern home designed throughout to accentuate the sense of space and the connection between indoors and out. Its ground floor houses the parents’ suite and a vast living area that opens wide onto the terrace and swimming pool; upstairs are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dressing room and an office. Outside, the pointed south end elongates and lightens the façade, its deep overhang sheltering a space where the roof's shadow traces diagonal lines in an elegant play of light and shade. The villa is enclosed by stone retaining walls along the lines of traditional terracing and the garden of shrubs and plants recreates the Mediterranean environment.