Terrence Parker à Seconde Nature

Seconde Nature

  • Spotlight on digital arts


Seconde Nature works to promote the arts of the digital era. It sprang from the activities of Biomix and Terre Active, two associations in Aix devoted to electronic music and multimedia arts.


The Seconde Nature association sets out to promote the development of electronic and digital arts by dissemination, support for creative activity, training, and all other means. Its 500m2 premises in central Aix-en-Provence host concerts, exhibitions, performances, screenings, encounters and workshops. They also house artists-in-residence. More broadly, the association has a multidisciplinary cultural project covering electronic music, sound arts, visual arts and live performance. Promoting creative work that harnesses technology encourages different art forms and audiences to meet and mix, discovering new artistic forms and languages and new aesthetic experiences. The association helps artists to realize their projects and also runs a cultural mediation programme in connection with the exhibitions it hosts. Until 2 October Seconde Nature and its partners are running an exhibition of contemporary works in homage to the visionary work of Victor Vasarely, precursor of digital art. The show, called Irisations, features kinetic installations that play on visual perception and invite visitors to enter a new sensory space. It reveals the natural connection between two fields of art in which the spectator’s eye, space, interaction and movement are especially central to the creative process. This show links up with Multiplicity, a retrospective exploring Vasarely’s creative process and involving venues in Avignon, Gordes and Aix.


Par Maurice Gouiran