« Chaud lapin » a été réalisé par 5 étudiants de 5e année


  • Arles, hotbed of digital film makers


It used to be called Supinfocom Arles; now it’s MOPA (MOtion Picture in Arles), a name synonymous with a new momentum and a new level of excellence in training for animated films and computer-generated imagery.


Founded in 2000 under the aegis of the Arles area Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this school enables its students to discover and master every aspect of animation. The teaching is focused on projects and practice, learning the entire production chain from conception to post-production, for both image and sound. Individual work is complemented by teamwork experience. The five-year course of study concludes with a diploma that is recognised in the business and starts a whole new adventure for the graduate. Students’ final diploma films are shown at many international events and festivals, introducing the school and its students to the world. Ninety-three films have been selected a total of 447 times for French events and 611 times for international events. The awards they have received highlight the quality of the teaching. The film A la française won the Best In Show award at the Siggraph computer graphics conference in Los Angeles and was pre-selected for the Oscars. Home Sweet Home won the Best Computer Animated Short Film award at Siggraph and was selected for the Cannes festival, as was Léonardo. These films are the young filmmakers’ passports to the business: over 95% of MOPA graduates find work, 60% of them outside France. The school’s 450 graduates, exercising their wide range of skills around the world, have become its best ambassadors, inciting some 40 applicants from Europe, Asia and America to try the competitive entrance exam each year.


Par Maurice Gouiran